Good Gosh Beauty


I have known Lauren Kurtz for over two years through our work at SpaMedica together. She has demonstrated a consistent excellence in her artistry in the field of permanent makeup.

Her precision in application and creation reveals an innate ability in this art! Lauren is able to create a wholly natural look, and I certainly trust referring my patients to her care. In addition, I respect Lauren immensely for her integrity and marvellous work ethic, charm, wit and personality.

Michael G. Davis, M.D., FRCPC.


I recently had some permanent makeup done by Lauren Kurtz, and was SO pleased with the outcome.

She was professional and pleasant during the procedure, and very helpful and knowledgeable on the whole process, from colour selection, to performing the procedure, to the healing process. I will definitely go back to Lauren for any touch-up work or new procedures in the future!

Heather M., client


I had no idea what to expect when I arrived for my treatment... but Lauren's confident, friendly manner and gentle touch put me at ease from the moment we began. She sought my consent and involvement at every stage, and her mindfulness, focus, and attention to detail resulted in a flawless application. Lauren is an expert in her field and an exceptional artist.

Lisa H., client


For more than 20 years I have had to pencil-in the outer half of my brows and add shading to my brow "head." That meant not being able to submerge my face in the pool, or scratch my eyebrows or rub my face ('cause they would smudge all over or disappear completely) or even submit to the sublime feeling of letting my massage therapist do a facial massage. If I forgot my brow pencil when I traveled, then my first outing upon arriving at my destination was to trudge to the nearest drugstore or shopping mall. My eyebrow situation became tedious and downright impractical.

Then I met Lauren Kurtz.

Lauren is an artist and a great listener. I felt very comfortable speaking to her about my concerns regarding my thinning, short eyebrows because she is so approachable. We discussed shape, colour, procedure, healing time and maintenance, which helped make the treatment trouble-free. Days after Lauren helped me, I found myself no longer having to worry about smudged or "disappearing" brows. What a relief! I have no hesitation in recommending Lauren to my family and close friends.

Jeannie C., client


When it comes to permanent make-up, I have to say I was intrigued, but skeptical. Until lunching one day with a fashionista friend, I noticed her fabulously drawn eye- brows and asked her how she did them – she said they were tattooed. She also confessed to permanent eyeliner too.

I couldn't believe it. Even with my eyes inches from her face it was hard to see the enhancements as anything but naturally hers. I was sold. I had had an auto accident that had damaged one eyebrow and required me to draw it on daily, an annoying and time-consuming event.

I can't believe what a difference Lauren’s treatment made to me – I have eyebrows! Also with the upper eyelid liner and the light colour outlining my lips, most days it's just add the mascara and you're out the door. I love it.

Suzan L., client


Alopecia is a tough disease but often not considered serious, as it's not life threatening. For that I am thankful, however there are still significant impacts beyond just the hair. Socially there is a stigma when people look different, especially women in the professional workplace.

Over the years I've tried many ointments, solutions and injections to stem my body fighting my follicles, and in 2007 I decided it wasn't worth it anymore. I shaved my head, invested in some human hair wigs, and started looking forward. Managing the scalp was easy through wigs, however it was worrisome when my eyebrows started to wane. I penciled in my eyebrows for some time, but it was a tedious process and not effective for sports or hot weather.

I came to hear of Lauren's services through some referrals in both the beauty and tattoo communities. Choosing someone to do permanent makeup does not come lightly. Since having my eyebrows tattooed through permanent makeup I am so happy. I've had many compliments on how well I shape my eyebrows, by those not realizing they are permanent. I've learned to manage my image around my disease and embrace it as just a part of who I am, with a little help from people like Lauren.

Shazia M., client


Getting my eyebrows and eyes done by Lauren was such a great experience!

I was really scared at first, I have always been known for my “natural” beauty so I didn’t want to look all of a sudden fake or painted. In fact the procedure did quite the opposite – it brightened and lifted my face with a really natural look.

I am so pleased with the results; my eyebrows are now shaped the way I‘ve always wanted them.

Liza T., client


I would like to thank Lauren so very much for changing my life.

I have an autoimmune disorder that caused my hair and eyebrows to fall out. I had a hair transplant for both but it did not take. The only option I had was to use an eyebrow pencil to fill in my eyebrows. It had been very difficult to fill my eyebrows in perfectly everyday and they were always smudging off. I was constantly have to reapply the makeup.

I became very self conscious of this as well as it being very time consuming. It greatly affected my life.

I had permanent makeup applied to my eyebrows by Lauren. It was the best thing that I have ever done. It looks so natural that people cannot believe that it is not real hair. I call Lauren my ‘Angel.’ I am just so thrilled and cannot thank her enough.

Tracy H., client