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Permanent Cosmetics, also known as micropigmentation, is the implantation of tiny droplets of coloured pigment into the dermal layer of skin to simulate natural-looking or well-defined makeup. It is a form of tattooing, yet results can last anywhere from one year to decades depending on the artist’s technique, the pigment type and colours used; as well as the client’s skin quality, health, metabolism, sun exposure, and use of exfoliating facial products.

Lauren Kurtz, Good Gosh Beauty’s primary technician, uses a gentle technique in Permanent Cosmetics art which creates results that last between one and three years before needing a colour-boost or touch-up treatment.

This is a responsible approach, ensuring each client’s makeup maintains a fresh look, and also allowing for makeup modifications and adjustments through the years to accommodate changes to a maturing face.


Women who want to save time in the morning by not having to apply eyeliner, eyebrow pencil, lip liner or lipstick.

Women who are physically active in sports, swimming, or outdoor activities and do not want to be bothered with makeup application or reapplication, but who still want to look their best. Permanent Cosmetics will not smudge, flake, or sweat off.

Women who have physical or visual impairment and cannot apply the finer details of their own makeup.

Women with seasonal allergies or allergies to traditional cosmetics, whose makeup will not last due to watery eyes. Good Gosh uses only hypoallergenic pigments, and Permanent Cosmetics are resistant to watery eyes.

Women who simply want to look their best at all hours of the day, from the moment they wake up in the morning to the moment they retire again. Permanent Cosmetics will last through tearful weddings, early-morning workouts, and late-night deadlines at the office!

Men who desire a subtle, undetectable enhancement to their lash lines in order to restore the more vibrant definition of youth or to enhance their eye colour.

Women whose eyebrows or eyelashes are very fair or non-existent due to overplucking, illness or accident.

People self-conscious of hypopigmented (lighter than the surrounding skin tone) scarring on the face or body due to surgery or accident, who wish to improve the look with a healthy flesh tone.

Please Note: Certain medical conditions may preclude you from having a Permanent Cosmetics treatment.


Good Gosh Beauty begins all treatments with a full consultation including a detailed medical history, discussion and application of traditional cosmetic pencils to agree on a shape and colour of the desired makeup, and application of a topical numbing agent in order to minimize any discomfort during the treatment.

Lauren only uses the gentle hand method of Permanent Cosmetics which helps to create a soft, natural-looking result. Using a non-mechanical, 100% disposable hand tool, she gently places natural-looking hairstrokes for eyebrows, soft and smudgy or crisp-looking eyeliners, and blended lip colour into the skin. There is no intimidating motorized machine, and no worry of improper sanitization of any materials since they are all disposed of after each treatment.


The fear of pain and the unknown sensation are often what deters some people who desire Permanent Cosmetics from following through with treatment. With that in mind, Lauren begins each treatment with a topical, doctor-formulated anaesthetic to numb the areas to be treated, and she continues to apply this anaesthetic throughout the procedure in order to minimize and in some cases eliminate any discomfort for her clients. Most people liken the feeling of getting Permanent Cosmetics (on the eyebrows) to plucking hairs. In most cases, the numbing creams eliminate most of the sensation in the areas to which they are applied (even the eyelids).

Lauren’s mild manner and gentle technique help to ease the worry of people having Permanent Cosmetics applied for the first time. In the case of the very sensitive client, the treatment can be tailored to suit their needs at any time during the procedure; topical numbing agents can be left on the skin for a longer duration and mini-breaks can be taken if desired.

Good Gosh Beauty always schedules each appointment with enough time for our clients to become settled after the treatment is complete; there is no rushing out the door when it comes to something as important as your comfort with the final results.


Good Gosh Beauty complies with the highest safety standards in the tattooing and Permanent Cosmetics field. We use only custom-blended, hypoallergenic pigments containing no irritants, and 100% disposable hand tools, which means the materials that touch one client are safely disposed of immediately and will never be used again.

When seeking out an artist to perform your Permanent Cosmetics, it is advised that you meet with them for a consultation prior to the actual treatment in order to learn about their credentials, to find out whether you are comfortable working with them, and to ensure they are more than simply a  'technician' of Permanent Cosmetics, but also an artist who is able to create flattering makeup for your face.