Good Gosh Beauty


Good Gosh, What a Dish!

Good Gosh Beauty provides makeup services for important events - whether for a wedding, birthday, bachelorette, or just one of those days when you want to be the shiny, lucky penny, plucked from a sea of gray at the mint.

We believe in gorgeous, not garish - we’re the antithesis to your generic makeup job.

After all, our business is rooted in traditional makeup arts. So with us, you’ll be treated to the best makeup that’s out there, and the very best for your face. Most importantly, we will always work to enhance your natural beauty within a fun and relaxed experience.

Individual makeup application ..... $75
..... and special prices for larger groups


Everyone needs a mentor.

For makeup, Good Gosh Beauty can be yours.

We offer one-on-one or group makeup lessons, customized for you and your makeup know-how.

(Is there really a use for the three sizes of blush brushes you’ve ended up with? Have you been avoiding makeup because you don’t know what to do with it, and want to develop your own tried-and-true routine? Want to know how to look fresh for work and keep it that way?)

We’ll show you how, with an artful touch and an editorial eye. We’ll answer your questions, share tips, explain the different tools and practice makeup applications. We’ll also go through your existing bounty and make suggestions. There’s no such thing as a stupid question - this is a friendly, all-access trip. Take notes - we don’t mind!

One-on-one lesson ..... $110
Group lessons and applications for teenager/preeteen parties ..... $75 per person (three to six people)
Adult group lessons (groups of three or more) ..... $90 per person
Out of studio ..... options available for an additional $100 (flat fee)


Good Gosh Beauty will also go makeup shopping with you!

We’ll divert perfume spray nozzles, whisk you through department and boutique stores unscathed and be your guide to how and where to find the best makeup for you. By the end, you’ll be a seasoned traveller. You can add a Field Trip to your makeup lesson or make it a standalone event.

This service is available on Sundays and Mondays only. Yorkville and Eaton Centre regions only.

Field Trip ..... $250 for 2.5 hours